Delivery & Installation Information

Culligan Standard Installation includes:

  • Lab quality water test, assembly, preflushing (as required) delivery, installation, and start up.
  • Installation of system includes up to 6’ of ½”, ¾”, or 1” copper tubing

Installation requirements:

  • Free site visit required before final quote for install.
  • Plumbing permit required with fee payable to your local town.
  • Water pressure test required.  Any water pressure over 80PSIG requires a pressure reduction valve (PRV).
  • A finished or partially finished basement requires a automatic shut off valve (ASV).

Purchase options:

    Pick-up - For the DIY enthusiast who has the know-how and tools to assemble, flush, fill, start up, program, and properly install their water treatment equipment.

    Delivered - For those with the tools and skills to install their own equipment, yet looking for the professional guidance of a local water pro to fill, flush, and program the equipment for them. Those who choose this option will receive pre-assembled and properly prepared equipment delivered to their installation site (that's right we deliver right to your basement, no heavy lifting) ready for hook up.

    As an added bonus Culligan will haul out your old water treatment equipment and properly dispose of it for no additional charge. (Equipment must be fully disconnected and salt removed before arrival)

    Installed - For those who want the very best in water treatment equipment without lifting a finger. Culligan will come to your home to collect a water sample, send it off to our accredited lab for an analysis of over 50 contaminants.

    Once results are back a product specialist will carefully review your test results, and equipment selection. Your product specialist will make recommendations based on actual water test results to ensure you get the perfect solution for your home.

    Once the equipment receives product specialists approval your system moves to our installation team where we work with you to find the best day and time to install your new treatment system. Our experienced, licensed installer/s arrive with pre assembled and prepared equipment, they carefully install it in your home, and leave no mess behind. You can now rest easy knowing you gave your people the very best there is, you gave your people Culligan Water.